About Us

The original developer for the Ivy Brook subdivision was Steven Mobley in association with the builder, Regency Development. The subdivision’s location resides on a former dairy farm off Shelby County Road 52. This included the following streets:

• Ivy Brook Drive
• Meadow View Circle
• Meadow View Trail
• Ivy Brook Trail
• Ivy Circle
• Brook Circle
• Juniper Circle
• Lantana Circle

Juniper Circle was built by Buck Creek Construction. Denman Builders built the two streets of Lantana and the western end of Ivy Brook Trail in 2001.

The first homes were built in 1994. As the neighborhood started its growth with families arriving, so grew the need to organize the neighbors to provide communication between the residents and the City of Pelham to get answers on questions like:

When the construction of new homes in a certain phase is completed who is responsible
for paving the street? (The developer)

Who is responsible for installing the Street lamps on our street? (The developer, the city
pays for the electricity and Alabama Power maintains them)

The first unofficial meeting of the neighbors met in the early 1995 to discuss forming a neighborhood watch program.

The Ivy Brook Homeowners Association started as a direct reaction to the Developer’s interest to extend the Meadow View Trail out to Shelby County Road 52. The street’s construction would have taken out the open area between the homes at 110 and 112 Meadow View Circle. At that time, the area was a popular place for the neighbors to gather on Sunday afternoon to fellowship and have a friendly game of volleyball.

The street extension would have given the Ivy Brook Subdivision a second entrance and might increase the traffic flow into the neighborhood. The neighbors always favored the comfort of being able to walk or ride their bikes on the streets of Ivy Brook with their children. The homeowner’s protested the move by showing up in great numbers to the Pelham City Council meeting as well as the City’s Planning and Zone Board meeting. The organized effort by the neighbors of the Ivy Brook subdivision convinced the developer to not continue with his plan.

In the summer of 1995, the homeowners moved forward with drawing up Articles of Incorporation to form the Ivy Brook Homeowners Association. The first meeting to elect officers was held in the open area between the homes at 110 and 112 Meadow View Circle.

In 1996, the Homeowners association started the process to develop the Constitutional Bylaws that the officers use to govern the Association.